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We love fitness and love helping others learn a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. Whatever your goal is we want to help you achieve it.

We are Brandon & Malinda Wilson

We are on a mission to help anyone interested in becoming healthier, happier, and or ready to make a positive change in their life. We love fitness and love helping others learn a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally. Whatever your goal is we want to help you achieve it.

Brandon Wilson
Lead Trainer and Advisor

Fitness to me runs deeper than just appearance. No matter what size you are being physical active has numerous benefits, weight loss and weight gain just being a couple. My passion for fitness comes from my beginning with sports as a kid, football was my life with dreams to someday go to the NFL. I worked hard throughout my years of playing basically knowing that football was going to be my ticket out of a rough neighborhood.

I was blessed with the opportunity to continue football through scholarship where I played football for 4 years at Illinois State University. My dreams were coming true, until I blew out my back to a herniated L4, L5 disc. I was able to recover and return to playing the game but had no more shots at my dream. Inspired by my come back to full health and the training of my strength and conditioning coaches I graduated with a major in kinesiology. It was in these moments where I became intrigued with the human body.

I have now been training and coaching for several years and absolutely love what I do. Any chance that I may have to help someone, whether it be through workout, conversation, recovery I am all in. If you have limitations, want to gain muscle, lose weight get better at sport dial in on nutrition or even need help with the steps it takes to begin a life change we here at Mission Accomplish Fitness will help you and journey with you along the way.

Malinda Wilson

I started loving exercise/fitness at a very early age. I can still remember running around the track for the first time at age 8. I would continue to run from than on competing in track and field through out elementary and into High School. I did well and loved to compete. My love for fitness continued throughout my 3 pregnancies and now as an adult it has become a
huge part of my life. When I met my husband Brandon, I found a partner that shared the same vision and dream that I have always had. I remember telling him that I couldn’t wait to be off work so I could go to the gym! I daydream about it.

Now, 2 years later we are finally starting out life goal, starting Mission Accomplish Fitness . We strive to make it just what the name says, to help others accomplish their personal mission. Each and everyone’s may be different but that’s what makes our jobs so much fun. We get to meet new people and learn about their personal goals and life journey. We get to offer a positive alternative to their daily routine adding exercise and diet. We are excited and determined to make this journey together and look forward to the future and all it has to hold for Mission Accomplish.

What Are Members Saying?

  • With the easy to follow workouts, the meal plan provided, and the weekly Skype chats, we are able to not only stay on top of our fitness goals but crush them. If you are willing to put in the work and follow the plan, be ready for a great transformation.

  • Trying Mission Accomplish Bootcamp was the best decision I have made for myself. I’m a lean mean size 6 at the moment and still shedding! Class is SO much fun an motivating. Not once have I felt judged or put down. I basically get to go work out with a group of friends 3 times a week.

  • Originally, when I first started with Brandon, I was really out of shape and overweight and he tailor made a program based on my needs at that time. Now, I continue to work-out with Brandon and our workout regime is totally different than it was originally.

    Dr. Gerald Moran
    DC - Chiropractor, Back to Basics Chiropractic
  • …not only was he my trainer, but like a big brother and a mentor for me he helped me find the right school through the recruiting process. I am now committed and playing football for the University of Montana.

  • As his parents, we are grateful not only for the accomplishments that Wesley is achieving in sports, but also for the sportsmanship and character Brandon has helped to instill. The level of confidence, so often missed by coaches, has only grown in Wesley under Brandon’s training.


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